Mission Statement

Bercen, Inc. is committed to providing high quality products, effective project management and outstanding customer service.  Our products are designed, developed, and produced to meet or exceed all required specifications.  Bercen strives to ensure our processes deliver consistent high quality products to our customers.  The Bercen Management team and all employees conduct themselves with the highest ethical and professional standards and take total responsibility for ensuring that orders are received, produced, and shipped in a timely manner.  

Quality Policy

Bercen, Inc. is committed to providing...


Shrink your carbon footprint

Bercen developed the highest solids coating insolubilizer in the industry. BERSET 2125 has 25% more solids than the competition. 

Bercen, Denham Springs, Louisiana

Bercen, Denham Springs, Louisiana

Bercen is an employee-owned company that has manufactured quality specialty chemicals since 1958.


Improve Toner Adhesion

Bercen has developed two different types of chemistries as additives for improved toner adhesion for either paper coating formulations or the size press: Berbond 8990 and Bersize 6030

Green Coating Lubricants

Our patented diglyceride lubricants are all natural products whose raw materials are not dependent on petrochemicals. The products are delivered to the papermill as a 100% active liquid and added to the coating formulation as delivered.  

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